A Seeker’s Journey Through Ecclesiastes: Words Matter

A Seeker's Journey Through Ecclesiastes


Day One: Words Matter

“The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.” – Ecclesiastes 1:1 ESV

Our journey begins through Ecclesiastes.  And, in the first few words we are given some clues to the writer of the book.

Or, are we?

A quick review of the major translations show some disagreement in the designation of the speaker of the words in Ecclesiastes.  The ESV translation, based on the Hebrew word qoheleth, pops up in the translation noted above as “Preacher.”

The NIV translation, based on the same Hebrew text refers to the speaker as “Teacher.”

The KJV uses “Preacher” as does the NASB while the NLT uses “Teacher.”  The Good News version throws us another designation: “Philosopher.”

PreacherTeacherPhilosopher: does it really matter?

Because we are relying on a translation into English, let’s see how the two most utilized descriptive words are defined, Preacher and Teacher, in Merriam-Webster’s…

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